Annual Meeting

The 2020 annual meeting will take place at the University of Georgia in Athens, GA from February 28th to March 1st. The theme for the conference is Rapid Religious Cultural Change, organized around the question “Why do religious beliefs at times change very quickly and what kinds of societal impacts do these changes have?” Our plenary speakers will be T.M. Luhrmann, Debra Mason and Richard Elliott Friedman.

The meeting and registration will take place on the second floor of the UGA Miller Learning Center (700 S Lumpkin St, Athens, GA 30602). Free Parking at the University of Georgia is available from 6 pm Friday to Sunday afternoon in the Hull Street Parking Deck (400 S Hull St, Athens, GA 30605) and all day Saturday and Sunday at the Tate Center Parking Deck (705 S. Lumpkin St. Athens, GA 30605).

Register here.

The program is available here.

You can find  more details about the 2020 theme here. All hotels blocked for the event have been reserved, the best options for those still making arrangements would be AirBNB or a travel based search engine.

All participants of SECSOR activities agree to abide by the AAR’s Professional Conduct Policy and Procedures.

Classroom Technology Information:

Every classroom is equipped with a projector. However, presenters will need to bring and use their computer. The workstations use a HDMI or VGA cable to connect a computer to the projector. If your computer does not have one of these connections, then you will need to provide the appropriate dongle/adapter. For specific questions about technology, please call 706-542-3456.