2020 Section Chairs

The section chairs and co-chairs for the 2020 meeting are:


AAR: Bible and Modern Culture

Chair: Brian Mooney                                                  Co-Chair: Sam Murrell


AAR: Black Cultures in the Study of Religion

Chair: Michael Brandon McCormack                       Co-Chair: Timothy Rainey II


AAR: Constructive Theologies

Chair: Jason Smith                                                      Co-Chair: Ian Curran


AAR: Ethics, Religion, and Society

Chair:              Sally Holt                                                        Co-Chair:  Mike Stoltzfus


AAR: History of Christianity

Chair:              Anne Blue Wills                                             Co-Chair:  Douglas Brown Clark      


AAR: Islam

Chair: Roshan Iqbal                                                    Co-Chair: Hadia Mubarak


AAR: Judaism

Chair:  Amanda Smith                                                Co-Chair: Giancarlo P. Angulo


AAR: Method & Theory in the Study of Religion

Chair:              Vaia Touna                                                     Co-Chair: Russell McCutcheon


AAR: Philosophy of Religion

Chair: Wesley Barker                                                Co-Chair: Steven Dawson


 AAR: Religion & Ecology

Chair: Jefferson Calico                                               Co-Chair: Mark Wood


AAR: Religion Culture & the Arts

Chair: Meredith Ross                                                Co-Chair: Tim Burnside


AAR: Religions in America

Chair: Jamil Drake                  Co-chair: Andy McKee                      Co-Chair:  Haley Iliff


AAR: Religions of Asia

Chair: Kendall Marchman


AAR: Secularism, Religious Freedom & Global Politics

Chair: Beena Butool                                                  Co-Chair:  Finbarr Curtis


AAR: Teaching & Learning in Religion

Chair: Jodie Lyon                                                       Co-Chair: Carol Barnsley


AAR: Women, Gender & Religion

Chair: Laine Christine Walters-Young                      Co-Chair: LaToya Leary  


ASOR: Archeology & the Ancient World

Chair:              Alan W. Todd                                                 Co-Chair:  Rachel Nabulsi


SBL: Hebrew Bible/Old Testament

Chair: David B. Schreiner                                     Co-Chair: Clinton Moyer 


SBL: New Testament

Chair: Ira Brent Driggers                                            Co-Chair: Alex Thompson


SECSOR: Undergraduate Research

Chair: Steven Benko